Broker NEWS:eToro Now Offers Options Trading In The United States

“The contemporary investor wants to connect with the market in more ways and under all situations, while still feeling empowered in their investing decisions,” said Lule Demmissie, CEO of eToro in the United States. “With the advent of options trading, eToro advances our purpose of democratizing access to tools that might help individuals achieve their financial goals.”

According to the firm, the addition of options trading for US consumers is an important milestone in the continued diversification of eToro’s US offering. Enabling alternatives contributes to eToro’s objective of expanding its social investing network via education, and innovation, and providing easy access to the assets, information, and tools that people desire.

“Options have been available for a long, but they haven’t always been accessible to the average investor,” said Jeff Myers, Gatsby’s co-founder, and CEO. “Retail investors are better positioned to locate market opportunities that are suited for them when they have frequent access to educational materials, intuitive trading platforms, and additional methods to trade.”

Users in the United States may now establish an account on eToro Options with their eToro login and have access to a social trading platform for options that are aimed to make this kind of asset more accessible to both novice and experienced traders. Users may also see the transactions of other users in the social feed.
The introduction of eToro Options comes on the heels of the recently announced purchase of Gatsby, an options trading platform designed for a new generation of investors. With the easy-to-use but powerful eToro Options mobile app, Gatsby’s integration into the eToro ecosystem enables users to explore the fascinating world of options trading.

About eToro
eToro is a social investment network that assists individuals in expanding their knowledge and money by connecting them to a worldwide community of accomplished investors. eToro was formed in 2007 with the goal of democratizing global markets so that anybody may trade and invest in a simple and transparent manner. Today, eToro is a worldwide community of over 30 million registered users who share their investing techniques, and anybody may emulate the tactics of the most successful. Users may effortlessly purchase, hold, and sell assets, monitor their portfolio in real-time, and trade anytime they want due to the platform’s simplicity.

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