Moscow Exchange Sees Increase in Trading Volumes Across Markets for May 2023

Moscow Exchange, the largest exchange group in Russia, has published its key trading metrics for May 2023, seeing the total trading volumes amounted to RUB 94.2 trillion (trln), 20.5% higher than RUB 78.2 trln in May 2022.
All comparisons below are with May 2022.
Growth leaders were the Precious Metals Market (up 6.3 times), Bond Market (up 3.5 times) and Equity Market (up 3.1 times). The FX Market added 31%, Money Market was up 13.7% and Futures Market grew 5%.
Equity & Bond Market
In May, total trading volume on the Equity and Bond Market more than tripled to RUB 3,212.3 billion (bln) (May 2022: RUB 995.4 bln), hereinafter excluding overnight bonds.
Trading volume in shares, DRs and investment fund units grew 3.1 times to RUB 1,825.6 bln (May 2022: RUB 596.9 bln). ADTV was RUB 86.9 bln (May 2022: RUB 33.2 bln).
Turnover in corporate, regional and sovereign bonds grew 3.5 times to RUB 1,386.7 bln (May 2022: RUB 398.5 bln). ADTV was RUB 66.0 bln (May 2022: RUB 22.1 bln).
62 new bond issues with a combined value of RUB 1,878.6 bln (of which overnight bonds accounted for RUB 1,180.3 bln) were placed in May 2023.
Derivatives Market
Derivatives Market trading volume added 5.0% to RUB 5.9 trln (May 2022: RUB 5.6 trln). ADTV was RUB 278.9 bln (May 2022: RUB 309.8 bln).
FX Market
FX Market trading volume increased by 31% to RUB 21.0 trln (May 2022: RUB 16.1 trln), with spot trades amounting to RUB 7.9 trln and swap trades and forwards totaling RUB 13.1 trln
Money Market turnover grew 13.7% to RUB 62.9 trln (May 2022: RUB 55.4 trln). ADTV was RUB 2,996.9 bln (May 2022: RUB 3,075.0 bln).
The CCP-cleared repo segment reached RUB 24.8 trln, including the GCC repo segment which increased by 43.9% to RUB 15.3 trln.
Precious Metals Market
Turnover in precious metals (spot and swaps) was up 6.3 times to RUB 25.5 bln (May 2022: RUB 4.1 bln), of which RUB 24.6 bln (4.8 t) was gold and RUB 0.9 bln (12.1 t) was silver.

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