What happened to the V5 Forex Global platform?

Recently, there are a lot of negative comments about the V5 Forex Global platform on the Internet. What exactly did the platform post? Check it out in this issue.

In an alarming revelation, the actions of the broker V5 Forex Global have come under scrutiny following suspicious activities involving a trader’s account. The company, headquartered at 1312 17th St, Denver, CO 80202, United States, is alleged to have fraudulently manipulated a trader’s account resulting in a negative balance, without any preceding notifications.

Suspicions of Manipulation
The victim’s allegations suggest that V5 Forex Global may be involved in manipulating the trading process. Manipulation can take various forms, such as artificially triggering trades, closing positions prematurely, or influencing price movements to the detriment of traders. Such practices undermine the trust and confidence that traders place in their brokers, and if proven true, they can have severe financial implications for affected investors.

V5 Forex Global Legit or Scam?
About V5 Forex Global

V5 Forex Global is a forex broker with US registration that gives customers access to a huge financial market. Trading positions can have a max leverage of 1:1000 on the V5 Forex Global platform. Customers of V5 Forex Global have access to a variety of market products, including Crude Oil, BTC, Stock, Indexes, and Forex.

The negative exposure on V5 Forex Global has not ended yet. Up to now, we are still receiving negative exposure from investors on this trader. We have reason to believe that this company is a Ponzi scheme like MTFE.

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