Unregistered! Seven Forex Dealers Warned by Switzerland’s FINMA

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) is authorized by the country’s government to supervise various financial institutions as a regulator. FINMA’s foreign exchange dealers are required by law to be registered as banks, but there are still unregistered companies providing financial services locally or claiming to be headquartered in Switzerland.

From April 28 to May 31, 2023, FINMA warned the following unregistered foreign exchange dealers.

First Capital1

URL: https://firstcapital1.com/

Robo Invest PLC

Website: www.roboinvest.at; www.altadigitalinc.com


Address: 38 Europaallee, Zurich

URL: www.bit-lords.com


Website: www.tradobanco.net


Address: Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich

URL: https://advancia.ch/

Any Coin Capital

Address: Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zurich

URL: https://www.anycoincapital.com/


Address: Leutschenbachstrasse 95, 8050 Zurich

URL: http://www.prestige-coins.com/

Note that this list is not exhaustive.

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