Brokersview APP:Advantages of downloading on your Phone

As the industry’s leading broker evaluation platform, BrokersView has been dedicated to helping traders around the world find the best forex brokers in an easy and fast way, providing traders with detailed and comprehensive information, professional analysis and an authentic review system.

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The BrokersView App will provide investors with a more convenient experience, giving users quick access to all information about brokers from all corners of the world.

Features of BrokersView are as follows:
Broker Search: The advanced broker search tool allows users to easily access the background, regulatory bodies, and user reviews of each broker. The broker comparison tool and real-time spread comparison tool help users to keep up-to-date with brokers.

Broker Ranking: Live updated broker ranking lists rank brokers by country, region and month,with rankings determined by user votes, helping users to understand how well supported brokers are in different regions and over time.

Scam Bulletin: The Scam Bulletin displays a list of brokers with past scams and violations to help users avoid being scammed by unscrupulous brokers.

Regulators: The most detailed and professional information about regulators and brokers that are being regulated by the agency, providing users with official and real data so that they can pick the right broker in a short time.

News: Live updates on brokers, regulators, scam warnings, beginners and forex trading news and articles to help users keep up to date with brokers and provide them with scam prevention tips.

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