Cyprus Forex Regulations and Regulatory Inquiry Steps

Cyprus brings an attractive possibility to offer trading services to citizens and residents of EEA, as well worldwide, while the financial service firm should be regulated and established in full compliance with the guidelines of MiFID (a cornerstone of the European regulation of financial activities).

to strengthen investments and Forex industry Cyprus established governmental support through its established financial regulatory authority – CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Website: , or read more about Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission by the link.
CySEC before was a relatively new regulator, yet now sharpens its establishment controls over the firms and is very active by its inspections, application of regulatory terms but still remain open to new opportunities and attractive trading conditions. For this reason and the dynamic nature of the financial industry, we would advise you to follow official Twitter and stay alert with all the upcoming news @CySEC_official

Cyprus CySEC Regulatory Inquiry Steps
Step 1: Enter CySEC Regulatory Inquiry Page

Step 2: Enter the company’s regulatory number or English name; we take the regulatory number: 310/16 (LMAX Broker) as an example to query.
Note: If you search by the English name of the company, there may be several companies, please judge according to the supervision number.

Step 3: After clicking to enter, we will see the basic information of the company (company name, address, supervision number, license effective date, company registration number, telephone, fax, email, website, other information), investment services, auxiliary Scope of services and cross-border services;

First of all, if you need to confirm whether a company is regulated, you need to check the basic information such as the URL;

Then, if you need to confirm whether the company can provide currency trading services, pay attention to whether there is item 9 “Financial Contracts for Differences” in “Investment Services”, or see whether “Ancillary Services (auxiliary services)” There are “Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services (financial derivatives services related to investment)”.

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