Dukascopy Bank warns against 4 more cloned websites

Swiss financial transaction services provider Dukascopy Bank SA has issued a warning to four websites that are misusing its brand name. According to the bank, these websites are not regulated and do not belong to Dukascopy Bank, Dukascopy Japan or any other entity of the Dukascopy Group.

The following are the domain URLs of the four fraudulent clone websites:





Earlier this month, Dukascopy Bank also published another fraudulent clone website https://dukascopy1.com/. “Dukascopy Bank has never used any number in any part of any of its domain names,” the bank said.

Dukascopy Bank reminds investors not to trust any information on these websites and not to provide any personal data information on these fraudulent websites. According to the latest news, Dukascopy Bank is taking action against this gang of fraudulent websites.

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