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Many local investors in Malaysia have become active in all manners of investment instruments, including retail forex trading. Brokers with strong regulation begin to set offices in Malaysia due to its low-cost operation, loose regulation, and experienced service firm, with the aim of building connection with Asian investors. All the platforms we reviewed are regulated forex brokers in Malaysia, offering several benefits for traders.
By taking into account the minimum deposit, regulation, customer service, website languages, ratings, etc,we selected TOP 10 forex broker serviced in Malaysia.

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The focus of this issue is one of the MT5 forex brokers on our list. This broker offers a basic platform but also caters to experts by offering an advanced platform. Mobile traders can also use the platform, which is one of the best forex trading apps in Malaysia. Traders can use a real-time trade signal tool called Trading Central. This platform offers market strategies to help traders develop their own trading plans. The research team provides market analysis and actionable trade ideas.

The minimum that traders should deposit into their accounts is $100. Payment options include bank wire, cards, Neteller and Skrill. The spread for EUR/USD varies, but averages about 1.3 pips. Inactive traders are charged $15 monthly if traders aren’t active for 12 months or more. Commissions are charged when traders opt for trading on the commission account. Overnight fees are set at an interest rate of +-2.5%. offers more than 80 currency pairs, and beginner traders can also use the free educational content that the platform offers.

What We Like

Trading Central tool
80 currency pairs
Free educational content

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