How to develop a trading strategy for the 24- hour forex market

Having a trading plan is one of the key elements to succeeding as a trader on the 24-hour Forex market. When you have a sound plan, a trading strategy gives you guidance on which markets to trade, when to take profits, and when to cut losses. You will learn how to plan your 24-hour Forex trading strategy from this article

A trading plan is a thorough guide for choosing how to implement a trading strategy. The trader’s market analysis and outlook are used to create the trading plan and risk management. The trader can use it to help them decide what, when, and how much to trade.


It lays out the guidelines for starting trading, locating markets, finishing trades, and controlling risks.


EASY TRADING: Things are easier when you know what needs to be done and what should be done.

facilitates more unbiased decision-making: In trading, choices are crucial. avoiding subjective, emotionally-driven decisions that could end up costing you money by choosing the objective course of action. Having a trading plan helps you avoid endangering your transactions and money.

MORE DISCIPLINED TRADING: Building a solid trading strategy and applying discipline to it throughout your whole trading activity are essential. If you stick to your plan religiously, you’ll discover why some deals are profitable while others are not.


The greatest approach to make money over the long term is to plan your transactions, which is one of the main reasons to create a 24-hour Forex trading strategy. Monday through Friday, five days a week, the Forex market is open. A trading plan like this enables dealers to profit and hang onto the currency until a price increase enables a successful trade closure.


ANALYZE YOUR MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Research must be done prior to beginning any trading day or session. To do this, you must learn as much as you can about the markets or assets you plan to trade, their critical price levels, and their current fundamental circumstances. Simply said, thorough research means “not speculating” in the realm of trading. Also, conducting research might help you trade with greater assurance and preserve your objectivity.

A RISK-TO-REWARD RATIO SHOULD BE CHOSEN: The steps in the trading plan are all essential, but without risk management the entire approach would collapse. Make sure to indicate the maximum amount you are willing to risk each time you open a position or fund your trading account. Calculate the risk-to-reward ratio by contrasting the amount you’re risking with the potential profit. For instance, if you risk $100 on a trade with a predicted possible payoff of $200, the risk-to-reward ratio is 1:2.

CREATE A TRADE DIARY: Traders must set aside time to reflect on the past week’s events and analyze certain trades. It is a good idea to review the trading strategy often and adapt as necessary. Keeping a journal and conducting regular trade reviews are excellent ways to make sure you follow the stages outlined in the trading plan. Make a note of them or save the charts so you may later review successful or unsuccessful trade setups. You may view the history of every concluded transaction and see it on the chart thanks to the capability of the Olymp Trading platform.

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