Is RoboForex a legitimate broker?

What is RoboForex?
RoboForex is a popular International Forex Broker recognized by the experts in the Financial Market, while operating since 2009 with service around the world. Throughout the history of its operation, the broker has served numerous clients around the world and gained recognition for its advanced trading proposal, also for its tailored conditions suitable for various styles, trading sizes, and portfolios.

Also, one of the greatest things RoboForex offers is a good range of trading software or platforms where you can select between industry-powerful MT5, MT4, cTrader, or R Stock Trader.

RoboForex Pros and Cons
RoboForex is considered safe for trading through an international entity. The broker has a long history of operation with an excellent reputation. At RoboForex, there is a good range of account types, trading platforms, free exclusive trading signals, and research tools, also powerful trading capabilities suitable also for advanced traders.

On the flip side, the trading fees may vary depending on the platform used and the account type, which might seem comlex. However, the company’s website contains detailed information on its conditions, enabling the analysis on your own. Also, RoboForex is based in Belize so we recommend verifying all safety rules since it is not top-tier regulation.

Is RoboForex Safe or Scam?
RoboForex is a regulated broker by the FSC license, which means that it can be considered a reliable and socially responsible broker. FSC Belize follows the international AML (Anti-money laundering) policy.

See our conclusion on RoboForex Reliability:

Our Ranked RoboForex Trust Score is 7.1 out of 10 for good reputation and service over the years, also reliable top-tier license, and serving regulated entities in each region it operates.

RoboForex Review Conclusion
Concluding the RoboForex review, we admit a safe broker offers quality trading solutions. RoboForex provides expanded trading strategies and a certain way of dealing with markets and traders that gained a reliable and respected reputation.

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