SIX Swiss Exchange partners with Venturelab

SIX Swiss Exchange today announced its partnership with Venturelab. The aim is to equip Swiss entrepreneurs to make optimal decisions with regard to financing (private and public capital markets) and the ownership of their SMEs.

This partnership will focus on ensuring that the right information is readily available to SMEs at the right time, connecting SMEs with the right network, and jointly developing new services.

According to Valeria Ceccarelli, Head Primary Markets, SIX Swiss Exchange,

“We are convinced that the distinct advantages of public markets can help many more SMEs grow stronger. Public markets offer fast and efficient capital raising. This cooperation with Venturelab will help us spread awareness of the multiple benefits of being a publicly listed company and the many additional ways in which an IPO can spark growth – whether a company needs to raise capital today or in the future.”

Stefan Steiner, Co-Managing Director, Venturelab, echoes this view:

“We believe that an IPO has always been an important option for scale-ups, and we need to further raise awareness of its benefits. Today, most entrepreneurs lack the necessary knowledge of how IPOs work, and many misconceptions potentially limit growth opportunities for these organizations. The TOP 100 partnership will make the full range of options available to the most promising Swiss entrepreneurs – VC, PE, trade sale, and IPO — so they can make the best possible decisions to fuel the growth of their businesses.”

SIX and Venturelab aim to develop a B2B marketplace for entrepreneurs. This curated one-stop shop will feature services, and service providers to help entrepreneurs on their growth journey, whether they are just thinking about starting a business, planning a listing on the Swiss stock exchange, or if their SME is already listed with SIX. The marketplace is still in its early stages.

The companies are also collaborating on developing an exclusive training program tailored to high-potential, fast-growing IPO candidates. The program aims to seamlessly bridge private and public capital markets. The first program is planned to start in Q4 2021.

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