Spotware Community Team releases Pitchfork Drawing Indicator

The Spotware Community Team today announces the release of a frequently requested drawing tool, the Pitchfork Drawing Indicator.

The Pitchfork Drawing indicator allows traders to draw all of the most popular Pitchfork technical analysis tools on their cTrader chart. This indicator uses Automate API chart controls and object. It works like a built-in tool of cTrader platform and does not get too much space on your charts, you can expand it when you want to use it and then collapse it.


  • You can draw Pitchfork original, Schiff, modified Schiff, and Pitchfan
  • Expand/collapse the buttons
  • Save/load the drawings on/from file
  • Show/Hide drawings
  • Timeframe filter
  • Remove all drawings with one click

The indicator is open source and its main purpose is to demonstrate the capabilities of cTrader Automate and Chart Controls as well as provide traders with tools for visualizing these popular Fibonacci drawings on the chart.

Last month, the Spotware Community Team announced the release of another useful indicator, the Fibonacci Drawing Indicator.

The Fibonacci Drawing Indicator is an indicator that allows traders to easily draw the following patterns on the chart:

  • Fibonacci Speed Resistance Fan;
  • Fibonacci Time Zone;
  • Trend Based Fibonacci Time Zone;
  • Fibonacci Channel.
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