Trading Live? Do you know what kind of platform it is?

Trading Live

Trading.Live is the world’s first multi-lingual financial streaming community dedicated to the mission of “making investment learning more efficient and knowledge sharing easier.

Trading Live proudly covers multi-dimensional areas and segments in trading including forex, stocks, and crypto in the form of live broadcasts, video tutorials, and article modules.

What does Trading Live provide?

Financial streaming community

Different from Youtube and Tiktok, Trading.Live mainly focuses on the field of financial education.

The platform hopes to precisely satisfy investors’ learning needs through high-quality live series investing courses and short yet concise videos.

As a community, it has been its norm to expand to teaching anyone from everywhere.

Gather high-quality content

Trading.Live makes investment learning more efficient. It proudly covers multi-dimensional areas and segments in trading including forex, stocks, and crypto in the form of live streams,video tutorials,and e-Books modules.

TradingLive Trading Influencers Awards officially kicked off on March 13, 2023.

It has expanded the platform to cater to a plethora of global users – with the website and App viewable in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Arabic versions

An expansive ecosystem of networks connecting

Trading Live gets professional and retail investors together. It has gathered a community of financial lecturers across the globe.

Whether you are a professional investor, retail investor, broker, or financial institution, Trading Live is where your content and ideas will get connected and empowered.

Trading Live  new features

Brand New Live Streams

Trading Live offers the easiest way for creators in the financial niche to reach their community in real-time.

It has Various tools that help creators to manage live streams and interact with viewers in realtime.

Shoot at Anytime, Anywhere

Shoot each trading moment, create your videos with fantastic music and share your works without time and space limitations.

Trading Live empowers investors to shoot and share their trading moments seamlessly through its simple yet sophisticated design.

A fusion of tradition and innovation

Short Videos VS Series

Trading Live is featured with a series of tutorial videos and short videos.

If feel no progress with traditional learning, Tiktok-liked videos liven up financial news and course. Each investor can flip to explore videos on everything about investing to support their trading decision.

Whether you are a beginner investor or an advanced learner, you can find the right materials here.


The e-books have covered financial knowledge including Forex, Stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc., to help investors acquire valuable trading knowledge and establish a knowledge system efficiently.

Selected e-Books with the most valuable market outlook will help investors catch the latest market movement, and be sensitive to the financial markets to support their investingdecisions.

Global Financial Lectures

Gathered a community of financial lecturers across the globe to remove knowledge barriers and help lecturers monetize their expertise.

Trading Live has been committed to gathering financial mentors around the world to provide high-quality financial courses.

The platform covered more than 75 countries and have successfully partnered with 100+ mentors. Meanwhile, it has also developed a series of support policies as a way to attract more talented and experienced financial creators to join Trading Live, produce more quality content, and help boost their influence.

Lecturer’s personal store-My channel

In “My Channel”is a place for lecturers to manage their work where they can go live and upload videos and e-Books easily and efficientyly.

The price of the work could be set free or paid. Trading Live support “share for free” to help lecturers grow their fans.

The Plan for the Future

In the future,Trading.Live  will go even beyond. It will continue to explore the field of financial learning and provide multilingual, diversified, and selected content for investors worldwide.

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