UK FSCS report: 10 companies defaulted from October to November

The UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) announced that from October 1 to November 30, 2022, 10 companies will default, an increase compared to the previous two months.

Sabah Carter, FSCS Chief Data, Intelligence and Technology Officer, said: “The FSCS aims to protect consumers across the UK and contribute to financial stability. Losses may be compensated, and customers can claim directly from us.”

After FSCS investigation, the 10 companies confirmed to be in default include:

Antonor LLP, formerly Priory Impartial Solutions LLP, trading as Ridgeway Consultants (FRN 486910)

EQ Financial Planning Ltd (FRN 575160)

Bartholomew Financial Ltd (FRN 596038)

Juno Moneta Wealth Ltd, trading as Teal Financial

Oracle Consultants Ltd in deal Incisive Wealth

Solutions Financial Services (UK) Ltd (FRN 402668)

Hallmark Ltd, trading as Hallmark Mortgages & Overseas Properties

Thompson Prior LLP (FRN 207510)

Everyday Financial Advice Ltd, trading as Tudor Court Financial Planning (FRN 595535)

The TJM Partnership Ltd, formerly T.J. Market (Holdings) plc, Neovision Global Capital Ltd (FRN 498199)

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