What is 365 FX?

365 FX is a brand name owned and operated by Fintech Software Inc., which is managed and owned by a team of professionals, specializing in forex trading, financial options, online marketing, commodities, stocks, derivatives, etc., as claimed on the website.

The broker states its address in London, however, is not registered officially to be able to deliver its financial services. In addition, the ruts of the company show the entity is located in the Marshall Islands, which is a known offshore zone.

Nevertheless, the brokerage operates trading without licensing while targeting clients from various entities, therefore the company was warned by the authorities to stop its business offering. The statement below was issued by the Irelands Central Bank, while further, the regulatory bodies from the EU spread the information through their sources, too.

“The Central Bank of Ireland published the name of an unauthorized investment firm, 365-FX/365BinaryOption/Oproserv Limited/Fintech Software Inc., that states its addresses in the United Kingdom and the Marshall Islands. It is a criminal offense for an unauthorized firm to provide financial services in Ireland that would require authorization under the relevant legislation, which the Central Bank is the responsible body for enforcing.”

Is 365  FX Regulated?

The platform announced that the company was registered in St. Vincent with the registration number 24469 IBC2018, claiming to provide financial derivatives, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and bond trading services. Please note that St. Vincent FSA will not publish registered IBC (BC) company information on the official website, and St. Vincent FSA does not regulate financial derivatives! Obviously the platform has no effective supervision!

365 FX Review Conclusion

We advise all investors and traders to avoid 365 FX and other brokers from the Marshall Islands. Traders should trade with well-regulated brokers .

365 FX Update

Based on our findings, 365 FX is inactive and unavailable to reach. This means the broker has muted its trading offering and does not propose account openings, however, we recommend avoiding and staying alert in case any proposals come in.

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