55brokers.com is a scam nothing else. I have been trading with my broker for years and they flagged them as “Brokers to avoid”. Obviously, I took issue with this and sent a reply to their review saying how they were wrong for listing my broker as “Brokers to avoid”. 

Instead of approving the response and posting it on their website, they ignored it altogether. I was mad at this. At first I thought they were busy and didn’t approve my response for a reason but when several days passed, I realized that they had ignored my response completely. I learned that day that 55brokers dot com is a totally biased platform which doesn’t care about giving proper information to its clients. However, I didn’t understand why they silenced me like that. 

After this, I sent an email to my broker and informed them about 55brokers’ review on them. I also told my broker about the response I had sent to 55brokers. My broker told me that it’s an extortion ring and has harassed several of their friends too. 

They told me that 55brokers would post misleading blog articles on their website and when the broker contacted them to rectify them, they would ask for money. I was shocked to find this out.

55brokers is an extortionist, for sure. The company posts negative reviews on innocent forex brokers so they can harass them and charge them for removing the posts. I always wondered why they have listed hundreds of brokers as “Brokers to avoid”. Now I knew that they are only adding more brokers to that list so they can extort money out of them.

A week something after I sent my response to my broker’s review, I received an email from 55brokers which said that if I paid them $5,000, they would remove the review of my broker. I didn’t know how to reply to them. Clearly, someone in that company thought I was affiliated with my broker’s company so they sent that email to me. 

I didn’t reply to their email because I didn’t want to deal with those criminals. They are probably the worst forex bloggers on the internet. 

55Brokers.com Is A Major Extortion Scam

55brokers have been running this business for years now. Other victims have spoken about them and even reported them to Google. I’ve listed some reports down below:

Olymp Trade Defamation Case

Hi, I want to send a complaint to the site https://55brokers.com under the server NameCheap, Inc. at the IP address, is engaged in defamatory and illegal activities. 55brokers is a website where the administration is engaged in extorting money and providing false and defamatory information. It is a website created to help other stock market platforms to place ads and articles, then you negotiate with the administration on the price of the article format and content. Then there is the Conclusion of the transaction and the transfer of the amount to create and place a promotional article, but as soon as I sent the money, they published defamatory material about us https://55brokers.com/olymp-trade-review / with a total lie accusing the lack of license and underestimating the reputation and rating. Now they are asking us for a huge amount of money over the phone to remove this…

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Harry Wilson Exposes 55brokers.com Scam

Taking Bribes To Change Ratings

Some Forex Brokers get special treatment on 55brokers. Not only do they get a 5/5 rating, but they are also featured under the “top rated broker” category.

This is heavily biased and most of these brokers have recieved contradictory ratings from other websites. Then why is 55brokers giving special treatment to these specific brokers?

I think the answer is plain and simple. The website admins took bribery to skew their reviews. What makes this extremely unethical is the fact that none of these reviews have an affiliate disclaimer. The website does not openly admit to its bias.

How 55Brokers.com Victims Can Get The Upper Hand

If you have been listed on this website then chances are 55brokers are trying to take advantage of you. Please do not fall for their scam! Report that link to Google. These scammers will ruin your life like they did mine.

I strongly suggest that you email the hosting provider of 55brokers.com, which is NameCheap. Write a detailed email suggesting how the website is running a criminal operation. I don’t think the host provider knows what’s going on under their noses.

Contacting The FTC might be good, they never take action on time.

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