Admirals improves cryptocurrency CFD trading terms

Online trading company Admirals announces changes to the trading conditions for CFDs on cryptocurrencies.

The broker announces an increase of the total exposure limits applicable to the CFDs that reference cryptocurrencies and an increase of the maximum leverage for positions in Bitcoin vs US Dollar CFDs.

There will be new exposure limits that will apply to accounts of all Retail and Professional/Wholesale clients as follows:

  1. 500,000 EUR total limit in respect to positions in:
  • Bitcoin vs US Dollar CFD (platform symbol BTCUSD)
  • Ether vs US Dollar CFD (ETHUSD)
  • Litecoin vs US Dollar CFD (LTCUSD)
  • Bitcoin Cash vs US Dollar CFD (BCHUSD)
  1. 50,000 EUR in total in respect to positions in any other Cryptocurrency CFDs not mentioned above.

The limits apply separately per each trading account and to the entire group of instruments. If the value of open positions in crypto CFDs exceeds the limit, the account will not be allowed to add even more new crypto CFD positions in the same direction. In such situations, previously established Crypto CFD positions could still remain open even though their calculated value could have appreciated beyond set limits.

The maximum leverage for Professional/Wholesale clients on Bitcoin vs US Dollar CFDs (BTCUSD) will change to 1:20. The maximum leverage for retail clients remains without changes at 1:2.

The new trading conditions will come into effect on February 21, 2022.

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