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TradingLive is a live streaming platform that has taken the financial trading by storm. As a game changer, TradingLive has quickly become one of the most popular Apps among younger forex traders thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of video content.

At its core, TradingLive encourages traders and lecturers to create and share videos and live streaming that showcase their insights, predictions, and predictions on the market. TradingLive offers a virtually endless stream of content that is sure to captivate you and ignite your passion for learning.

Learn from live trading

TradingLive offers dozens of live sessions on a daily basis, where you can get the most updated fundamental analysis on the market, including FED meeting, interest rate hike, NFP, GDP growth, and considerate instruction on using technical indicators, such as MACD,bollinger bands, fibonacci retracement, to name a few.

With TradingLive, you are able to ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage with other learners, which makes your learning more engaging and memorable than simply watching pre-recorded videos or reading textbooks. You can get immediate feedback from our top-notch lecturers, who are all experts in trading and instruction, and other viewers. This will help refine your understanding of the markets.

Learn with Dr. Lambeau

TradingLive offers a wealth of educational materials, including market analysis, video tutorials, and interactive quizzes. With a step-by-step approach, it is easy for you to follow along and understand the concepts, which is especially helpful for beginners who are just starting out in forex trading.

While most forex education platforms offer training videos featuring traders or analysts as lecturers, TradingLive goes the opposite way by telling forex stories through cartoon characters in a fun way, as human beings are subconsciously built to resist learning. Boring, difficult, and mundane content discourage the audience to finish watching the videos.

Learn Forex with Dr. Lambeau selected a skilled master’s image as the protagonist, who happens to fit the mysterious and low key profile of a forex trader, and a young apprentice, who is a symbol of those freshmen who are keen to be in the forex market but have little knowledge and trade recklessly. Like all fresh traders, the young apprentice has exactly the same questions and blind spots. So he raises questions on behalf of all new traders, which are answered by Dr. Lambeau.

Learn in events

Other than online content, TradingLive also offers offline hands-on learning opportunities to solidify your understanding of the market and gain practical experience.

On April 1, TradingLive successfully concluded a seminar held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where dozens of veteran traders and financial experts shared their views on the market, investment cases, and lessons they have learned in the past. It is a great gathering for forex traders to exchange ideas, discuss market movements, learn practical investment strategies, and keep pace with market trends.

Meanwhile, TradingLive has launched the Trading Influencers Awards in order to honor outstanding traders and top trading influencers in the financial industry. The voting period has already kicked off, and the winners will be granted awards on-site in Malaysia on May 14.

In the future, TradingLive will organize a series of seminars to educate forex traders and establish a larger trading community.

Learn in your local language

In the field of trading education, courses are often bounded to be unilaterally attached to English. In a way, this drastically limits the capability of learners to effectively understand and apply trading modules. In order to bridge that gap, TradingLive acknowledges the diverse learning needs and language barriers and supports multiple languages ranging from Europe to Asia, including English, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Chinese, with more versions to be released soon.

What does this feature bring to learners? The answer is quite easy: allow users to enjoy the cross-language and high-quality lecturer modules for free whilst providing the comfort of learning in their own languages.

Learn on-the-go

Now, more investors are trading on their mobile phones where they are constantly refreshing the market status. People’s life and work habits are being impacted and shaped by mobile internet.

TradingLive App, which is available on both iOS and Android systems, unshackles learning from previous restraints. Now you can space out your learning and maximize your efficiency anywhere, anytime. Remember to turn on push notifications so that you don’t miss out any important live analysis.


By connecting the like-minded individuals and a pool of talents excelling in trading, TradingLive is a perfect platform that offers a unique and engaging way for traders from beginning to advanced levels to gain the knowledge and skills.

TradingLive has launched a referral program where you can earn by referring your friends. So why not join the platform today and see what all the buzz is about?Download Tradinglive now!

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