Cboe warns cboe.finance website is not affiliated with it

Cboe has issued an additional warning regarding entities that abuse its name, data and solid reputation.

Let’s recall that, in September, Cboe published a notice to inform the public that Cboe is NOT affiliated with CboeX and could not provide any information regarding the legitimacy of its website or its mobile application.

Cboe recently learned of a new website – “www[.]cboe[.]finance” – through which CboeX continues to market its platform and services to consumers.

Cboe warns:

“Please be warned that any entity or person associated with this website is NOT connected or affiliated in any way with Cboe or its subsidiaries. Any assertion of such a connection or affiliation was and is false and misleading. Please note that we have inserted brackets around the dot to avoid hyperlinks as the website may contain malware”.

In addition to these efforts, Cboe filed Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) complaints to take control of the different domain names mentioned in the notices above. Cboe has succeeded in these complaints and is currently pursuing a complaint regarding this new website “www[.]cboe[.]finance.” Cboe is also notifying regulators.

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