Credit Suisse hit with $475M US and UK fines for misleading investors in Mozambique affair

US and UK financial regulators have announced that banking and brokerage giant Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE:CS) has agreed to pay nearly $475 million to U.S. ($275M) and UK ($200M) authorities, for fraudulently misleading investors and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in a scheme involving two bond offerings and a syndicated loan that raised funds on behalf of state-owned entities in Mozambique.

According to the regulators, these transactions that raised over $1 billion were used to perpetrate a hidden debt scheme, pay kickbacks to now-indicted former Credit Suisse investment bankers along with their intermediaries, and bribe corrupt Mozambique government officials. The SEC’s order finds that the offering materials created and distributed to investors by Credit Suisse hid the underlying corruption and falsely disclosed that the proceeds would help develop Mozambique’s tuna fishing industry. Credit Suisse failed to disclose the full extent and nature of Mozambique’s indebtedness and the risk of default arising from these transactions.

The SEC’s order also finds that the scheme resulted from Credit Suisse’s deficient internal accounting controls, which failed to properly address significant and known risks concerning bribery.

“When it comes to cross-border securities law violations, the SEC will continue to work collaboratively with overseas law enforcement and regulatory agencies to fulfill its Enforcement mission,” said Gurbir S. Grewal, Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. “Our action against Credit Suisse today is yet another example of our close and successful coordination with counterparts in Europe and Asia.”

“Credit Suisse provided investors with incomplete and misleading disclosures despite being uniquely positioned to understand the full extent of Mozambique’s mounting debt and serious risk of default based on its prior lending arrangements,” said Anita B. Bandy, Associate Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. “The massive offering fraud was also a consequence of the bank’s significant lapses in internal accounting controls and repeated failure to respond to corruption risks.”

A London-based subsidiary of Russian bank VTB separately agreed to pay more than $6 million to settle SEC charges related to its role in misleading investors in a second 2016 bond offering. According to the SEC’s order, the second offering as structured by VTB Capital and Credit Suisse allowed investors to exchange their notes in an earlier bond offering for new sovereign bonds issued directly by the government of Mozambique. But the SEC found that the offering materials distributed and marketed by Credit Suisse and VTB Capital failed to disclose the true nature of Mozambique’s debt and the high risk of default on the bonds. The offering materials further failed to disclose Credit Suisse’s discovery that significant funds from the earlier offering had been diverted away from the intended use of proceeds that was disclosed to investors. Mozambique later defaulted on the financings after the full extent of “secret debt” was revealed.

The US SEC’s order against Credit Suisse finds that it violated antifraud provisions as well as internal accounting controls and books and records provisions of the federal securities laws.

Credit Suisse agreed to pay disgorgement and interest totaling more than $34 million and a penalty of $65 million to the SEC. As part of coordinated resolutions, the U.S. Department of Justice imposed a $247 million criminal fine, with Credit Suisse paying, after crediting, $175 million, and Credit Suisse also agreed to pay over $200 million in a penalty as part of a settled action with the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority.

VTB Capital consented to an SEC order finding that it violated negligence-based antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws. Without admitting or denying the findings, VTB Capital agreed to pay over $2.4 million in disgorgement and interest along with a $4 million penalty.

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    In the constantly-changing environment of gaming, there’s always something new and thrilling on the horizon. From mods elevating cherished classics to upcoming debuts in celebrated franchises, the digital entertainment industry is as vibrant as in current times.

    We’ll take a glimpse into the most recent news and specific the iconic games engrossing players across the globe.

    Most Recent News

    1. Cutting-Edge Enhancement for Skyrim Enhances NPC Appearance
    A latest enhancement for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has caught the focus of fans. This enhancement implements realistic faces and flowing hair for all non-player entities, optimizing the game’s visual appeal and depth.

    2. Total War Game Placed in Star Wars Universe Galaxy In the Works

    Creative Assembly, renowned for their Total War Series collection, is reportedly creating a upcoming experience placed in the Star Wars Galaxy galaxy. This thrilling integration has enthusiasts awaiting the tactical and engaging journey that Total War Series titles are celebrated for, now placed in a galaxy remote.

    3. GTA VI Arrival Announced for Fall 2025
    Take-Two’s CEO has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is scheduled to launch in Q4 2025. With the overwhelming popularity of its prior release, Grand Theft Auto V, enthusiasts are excited to explore what the next entry of this iconic universe will deliver.

    4. Extension Strategies for Skull & Bones 2nd Season
    Developers of Skull and Bones have revealed enhanced strategies for the title’s sophomore season. This high-seas adventure provides new experiences and changes, sustaining enthusiasts immersed and immersed in the domain of maritime nautical adventures.

    5. Phoenix Labs Developer Deals with Workforce Reductions

    Disappointingly, not all updates is uplifting. Phoenix Labs, the studio in charge of Dauntless, has announced substantial layoffs. Notwithstanding this challenge, the game keeps to be a beloved preference across fans, and the company keeps focused on its playerbase.

    Iconic Experiences

    1. Wild Hunt
    With its engaging narrative, absorbing world, and enthralling experience, The Witcher 3 Game remains a cherished game across enthusiasts. Its expansive story and wide-ranging free-roaming environment remain to draw players in.

    2. Cyberpunk
    Regardless of a challenging debut, Cyberpunk stays a much-anticipated release. With persistent patches and optimizations, the release continues to progress, presenting enthusiasts a perspective into a futuristic environment abundant with mystery.

    3. GTA V

    Despite years post its original launch, GTA 5 keeps a renowned option amidst fans. Its sprawling free-roaming environment, captivating story, and co-op mode keep gamers coming back for more adventures.

    4. Portal Game
    A iconic brain-teasing game, Portal Game is acclaimed for its pioneering systems and brilliant environmental design. Its complex obstacles and clever narrative have made it a exceptional release in the interactive entertainment realm.

    5. Far Cry 3
    Far Cry is celebrated as among the finest entries in the universe, delivering fans an free-roaming adventure filled with danger. Its engrossing experience and iconic entities have confirmed its status as a fan favorite release.

    6. Dishonored Game
    Dishonored Game is hailed for its stealth systems and distinctive environment. Gamers embrace the persona of a otherworldly killer, exploring a city filled with governmental peril.

    7. Assassin’s Creed

    As part of the celebrated Assassin’s Creed Franchise collection, Assassin’s Creed Game is adored for its compelling experience, enthralling gameplay, and time-period environments. It continues to be a remarkable title in the series and a cherished within enthusiasts.

    In summary, the universe of gaming is thriving and dynamic, with innovative developments

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    Keunggulan SUPERMONEY88

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    Entertainment Value
    Wealth Casino provides a breadth of experiences, featuring classic table games like 21 and spinning wheel, as together with novel slot-based games. This breadth provides that there is something for everyone, rendering every single encounter to Luck Wagering Environment satisfying and pleasurable.

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    線上賭場在別的國家也有別的名稱,美國 – Casino, Gambling、中國 – 线上赌场,娱乐城、日本 – オンラインカジノ、越南 – Nhà cái。









  20. הימורי ספורט – הימורים באינטרנט

    הימור ספורט נעשו לאחד התחומים המשגשגים ביותר בהימורים באינטרנט. שחקנים מסוגלים להמר על תוצאות של אירועי ספורטיביים נפוצים לדוגמה כדורגל, כדור סל, משחק הטניס ועוד. האפשרויות להימור הן רבות, כולל תוצאתו ההתמודדות, כמות השערים, מספר הנקודות ועוד. הבא דוגמאות של למשחקי נפוצים במיוחד עליהם אפשרי להתערב:

    כדור רגל: ליגת אלופות, גביע העולם, ליגות מקומיות
    כדורסל: NBA, ליגת יורוליג, טורנירים בינלאומיים
    משחק הטניס: ווימבלדון, US Open, רולאן גארוס
    פוקר ברשת באינטרנט – הימורים באינטרנט

    משחק הפוקר באינטרנט הוא אחד ממשחקי ההימורים הנפוצים ביותר כיום. משתתפים מסוגלים להתמודד נגד מתחרים מכל רחבי העולם בסוגי וריאציות של המשחק , למשל Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud ועוד. ניתן למצוא טורנירים ומשחקי במגוון דרגות ואפשרויות מגוונות. אתרי פוקר המובילים מציעים:

    מגוון רחב של וריאציות פוקר
    טורנירים שבועיים וחודשיות עם פרסים כספיים גבוהים
    שולחנות המשחק למשחק מהיר ולטווח ארוך
    תוכניות נאמנות ללקוחות ומועדוני עם הטבות עם הטבות
    בטיחות ואבטחה והגינות

    בעת בוחרים פלטפורמה להימורים, חשוב לבחור גם אתרים מורשים המפוקחים המציעים גם סביבת למשחק מאובטחת והוגנת. אתרים אלו משתמשים בטכנולוגיית הצפנה מתקדמות להגנה על נתונים אישיים ופיננסי, וגם באמצעות תוכנות מחולל מספרים רנדומליים (RNG) כדי לוודא הגינות במשחקים במשחקי ההימורים.

    בנוסף, חשוב לשחק גם באופן אחראי תוך כדי הגדרת מגבלות אישיות הימורים אישיות. מרבית האתרים מאפשרים למשתתפים להגדיר מגבלות הפסד ופעילות, וגם להשתמש ב- כלים נגד התמכרויות. שחק בחכמה ואל תרדפו גם אחרי הפסד.

    המדריך המלא לקזינו ברשת, משחקי ספורט ופוקר באינטרנט

    הימורים באינטרנט מציעים עולם שלם הזדמנויות מלהיבות למשתתפים, החל מקזינו אונליין וכל בהימורי ספורט ופוקר ברשת. בעת בחירת פלטפורמת הימורים, חשוב לבחור אתרי הימורים המפוקחים המציעים גם סביבה למשחק בטוחה והגיונית. זכרו גם לשחק תמיד בצורה אחראית תמיד – ההימורים באינטרנט נועדו להיות מבדרים ולא גם ליצור לבעיות כלכליות או גם חברתיות.

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