cTrader introduces cTrader Community Leader Program

Popular online trading platform cTrader has announced a brand-new cTrader Community Leader Program that gives traders a chance to become influencers of cTrader users, while reaping numerous benefits from their knowledge of the cTrader platform and leave a footmark in the formation of the cTrader ecosystem.

Traders can lead their own community of cTrader users under their own theme:

  • Language-specific (non-English) community.
  • Topic-specific community e.g. cTrader Copy or cTrader Automate community.
  • Strategy-specific community.
  • cTrader trading room.

What does becoming a cTrader Community Leader give a trader?

  • Quarterly €150 voucher from ClickAlgo.
  • Free VPS subscription (UK based VPS from NetShop Data Center Services).
  • Free learning resources in the form of books, online courses and many more.
  • Access to high-priority Telegram Group assistance.
  • Seasonal cTrader giveaways (T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas etc).
  • Marketing exposure through cTrader community channels, newsletters, press releases and marketing materials.
  • Many more benefits that will be announced on-the-go.

In order to become a cTrader Community Leader, one has to:

  • Lead a social media cTrader community of at least 500 members.
  • Efficiently manage and grow your community.
  • Inform your community about the latest developments regarding the cTrader platform.
  • Provide monthly feedback to the cTrader team regarding your community activity.
  • Engage with the cTrader team to improve cTrader user experience.

If you believe you can lead a community and benefit from becoming a cTrader Community Leader, get in touch with cTrader with your proposal at [email protected]

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