Dukascopy plans to cut leverage on RUB pairs

Dukascopy Bank plans to change the margin requirements and exposure limits on selected instruments as of December 24th 15:00 GMT. The company blames the changes to the trading conditions on the “increased geopolitical tension between Ukraine and Russia”.

Dukascopy will change the leverage for USD/RUB and EUR/RUB to 1:5 from 1:10. The maximum exposure limit of 1 million remains unchanged.

The leverage on BRENT.CMD/USD, LIGHT.CMD/USD, DIESEL.CMD/USD will be cut from 1:30 to 1:20. The maximum exposure limit for JForex users will be reduced by half its current value until Monday 10 January 2022, whereas exposure limits for MT4 users remain unchanged.

The leverage on GAS.CMD/USD is reduced to 1:10 from 1:30, with unchanged maximum exposure limits.

Clients holding any exposure in the above-named instruments are advised to review their exposure and adapt to these changes as needed. If larger exposure limits are required for individual reasons, the bank invites its clients to get in contact with support.

Dukascopy advises its clients to beware of risks of low volatility, market gaps, unavailability of prices during the upcoming festive season. The company reserves the right to make changes to its trading conditions as seen necessary.

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