Encountered Fake Skilling Platforms

According to Huiyou’s description, he was lured into a counterfeit Skilling platform by a netizen, and the profit from the transaction was quite considerable. However, when he proposed to withdraw funds, he was rejected. The platform’s customer service said that because Huiyou’s account was suspected of money laundering, he needed to pay 5,000 The deposit in US dollars is used to ensure the safety of the account funds, and the cash can be withdrawn to the account only after the payment is completed.

In order to be able to withdraw cash smoothly, Huiyou paid a security deposit of 5,000 US dollars as required. I thought I could withdraw cash smoothly, but I was rejected again. The platform customer service said that because Huiyou changed the cash withdrawal bank card, you need to pay 3,000 US dollars. US dollars are used to activate the cash withdrawal function of the bank card, and the loan will be arranged immediately after the activation is successful. Huiyou said that his card is obviously used normally, why do he need to activate it? Or change back to the card that was deposited? But the defense was useless, and the platform customer service insisted that they needed to pay 3,000 US dollars to do it. Only then did Huiyou realize that he had encountered a black platform.

Obviously, the Skilling platform of Huiyou Trading is a fake APP, and there is no real information on this kind of APP, and some domain names may still be overseas. It is very difficult to recover the defrauded funds of investors, and investors need to avoid it from the source cheated.

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