eToro introduces new “Discover” page

Online trading company eToro has consolidated all the Trade Markets, Copy People, and Invest in Smart Portfolios pages into one comprehensive ‘Discover’ page. The discovery is now a unified, all-in-one destination for those who want to explore their first or next investment opportunities.

You’ll be able to see our broad range of offerings in a well-organized, user-friendly way, while staying updated on market and eToro community trends. The Search is placed at the top so that you can either search for what you know you’re looking for, or discover what you don’t.

Some of the components are now fully integrated with machine learning & rule-based models, tailoring the user experience.

  • The Explore Global Markets section is now personalized, exposing a particular trader to the assets that are most relevant to this trader.
  • Browsing the Categories allows you to efficiently navigate between eToro’s various asset types and explore all available exchanges.
  • Regarding CopyTrader, eToor notes that the way to browse its 1000+ Popular Investors has been redesigned, with new cards that are controllable and offer a gateway to the world of CopyTrading.
  • Smart Portfolios are curated collections of assets or top traders. In this section, you can browse, invest and instantly diversify your portfolio in just a few clicks.
  • In the Most Popular section, traders will be able to easily find which assets are most traded per asset type.
  • The Recently Added section shows assets that were recently listed on the eToro platform.

Let’s note that eToro has recently introduced a new eToro Web Home Screen. As soon as you click on “Home”, the first thing you will see at the top of the screen is a new Ticker Bar, which shows leading instruments and their daily change. Also, you will notice that the Ticker Bar slides across the top of your screen. Hovering over a particular asset will stop the bar from moving, so you can take a more detailed look. Clicking on an asset will re-direct you to the asset page.

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