eToro Money launches in the UK

Social investment platform eToro today announced the launch of its eToro Money program for UK users. eToro Money seamlessly connects to a user’s eToro investment account allowing them to instantly deposit and withdraw funds and manage their crypto and funds all in one place.

An eToro Money VISA debit card will be available free of charge (no setup costs or monthly fees) for all UK members of eToro’s Club program. This VISA debit card enables users to instantly access their funds and spend anywhere, anytime whilst receiving highly competitive exchange rates across the globe. eToro Money UK Ltd is a Principal Member of VISA.

Non-Club members will have access to an eToro Money sort code and personal account number to enable them to send and receive funds to the eToro platform and any UK bank account. Deposits made in this way are not charged a conversion fee to USD, saving users money when adding funds to their eToro investment account.

Doron Rosenblum, Vice President of Business Solutions at eToro, commented:

“I’m proud and excited that eToro Money is now available to all of our UK users. We know from our beta testing that eToro Money greatly improves our user experience providing instant cash-in and cash-out. We look forward to adding more features to the eToro offering and to expanding the user base beyond the UK.”

To promote the launch of the debit card, eToro Money is offering 3% cashback on all purchases made using the eToro Money card during the month of December.

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