Exclusive: Dukascopy head of sales Sofian Berrahal jumps to Nexpay

FNG Exclusive… FNG has learned that longtime Dukascopy executive Sofian Berrahal has left the company, moving to digital infrastructure payments provider Nexpay.

Sofian Berrahal had been with Dukascopy for the past nine years in the FX broker’s Riga, Latvia office – Dukascopy is nominally based and licensed in Switzerland, but most of its employees are in Riga. After beginning at Dukascopy as an account manager he rose through the ranks to become Head of Asia Business Development, and more recently VP and Head of Sales.

At Nexpay, also based in Riga, Mr. Berrahal will be Chief Business Officer.

Nexpay is building next generation financial infrastructure for the digital business world. The company supports digital companies, so they no longer require to have a bank account at a legacy financial institution to do their business. Users can build their digital business using Nexpay dedicated IBANs and its seamless payments solutions.

Sofian Berrahal posted the following on social media regarding his move.

Last week was my last day at the Swiss pioneer Dukascopy Bank SA, where I spent almost 9 years. It was a great journey that allowed me to kick off my professional career.

At the same time, I am very excited to venture to even more digital financial environment by stepping in as Chief Business Officer at Nexpay, which is a major payments provider for digital assets entities.

There was no better way to start than attending the Digital Assets Summit in London together with Nexpay’s CEO Uldis Tēraudkalns.

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