Exclusive: Kieran Fitzpatrick steps down as CEO of Barracuda FX

FNG Exclusive… FNG has learned that longtime Barracuda FX CEO Kieran Fitzpatrick (pictured at top left) has resigned from the company. While Barracuda FX did not yet formally name a replacement, his role will be filled for the time being by COO Maurice Curran (pictured top right).

Kieran Fitzpatrick has been CEO of Dublin based trading and execution solutions provider Barracuda FX since 2008, joining the company from Irish fintech firm Cognotec. He oversaw the sale of Barracuda FX in 2019 to Broadway Technology, and then its folding into ION Markets after ION acquired Broadway in 2020.

Maurice Curran has been COO of Barracuda FX since 2010, also joining the company from Cognotec.

Barracuda FX offers products across the front office for banks, brokers, and other financial institutions trading in FX. Trading and execution products provide access to bank liquidity providers, as well as interbank ECNs such as Reuters and EBS. Pricing and distribution solutions allow for rules-based price construction, distribution through bilateral FIX gateways, and multi-dealer platforms. Barracuda FX’s OMS product offers a variety of configuration and modular options in providing order management solutions to clients. Order Hub allows clients to send and receive Limit, Benchmark, and Algo orders to and from other banks within the Barracuda network.

Kieran Fitzpatrick posted the following note this afternoon on social media:

After 13 enjoyable and rewarding years as CEO and co-founder of Barracuda FX, it’s time to move on.

It has been a privilege to work with such a brilliant team in Barracuda FX. I’m so proud of what we achieved together. The mistakes were mine, the successes theirs.

To those clients who placed their trust in Barracuda, a most sincere thank you.  I hope we repaid your confidence. Thank you also to the partners, mentors, friends and family who helped and supported me along the way.

After 30 years developing FX technology, I’m taking some time to recharge and consider some new opportunities. If you’d like to get in touch, my mobile/cell number remains the same and you can reach me here on LinkedIn.

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