Four-day week triggers surge in job applications at mobile bank Atom

UK mobile bank Atom sees its introduction of a four-day week as a success, with no negative impact on customer service or operations.

The 1st January 2022 will mark two months since Atom bank became the largest UK business, and the first bank, to move all employees to a four-day working week, with no change in salary. In that time, Atom has seen no evidence of any negative impact on customer service or operations.

Since the introduction of the four-day week, there has also been a dramatic increase in searches for jobs at Atom, and a 500% increase in applications for open roles. Staff surveys are also showing employees feel less stress and look forward to work each day with the change in working practice.

Anne-Marie Lister, Chief People Officer at Atom, said:

“Our adoption of a four-day working week has been a huge success, and we are proud of how well our employees have adapted, continuing to offer the excellent level of customer service that Atom is known for. We firmly believe that a four-day week is the future of work for many.

“The new year often brings about a desire in many people to change something about how they live their lives. We want and expect to see more companies introducing increasingly flexible working practices in 2022, as people continue to reconsider what they want from their careers. COVID-19 continues to impact us all, and we believe companies can do more to help their employees maintain a healthier work/life balance.”

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