Frankfurt Exchange adds Deutsche Borse Cash Market head Eric Leupold to its Management Board

German markets operator Deutsche Borse Group has announced some changes in the Management Boards and the Exchange Councils of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Deutschland.

The Exchange Council of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) has appointed Eric Leupold, Head of Cash Market at Deutsche Börse AG, as a new member of the FWB’s Management Board. Eric Leupold has been with Deutsche Borse since 2014, and was recently tapped to replace Paul Hilgers as Managing Director of Deutsche Borse’s Cash Market.

In addition, Eric Leupold was elected as Chairperson of the Management Board and Cord Gebhardt as the new Deputy Chairperson. The Exchange Council of Eurex Deutschland has appointed Jonas Ullmann, Member of the Executive Board of Eurex Frankfurt AG and Chief Operating Officer, as new Member of the Board of Management of Eurex Deutschland. At the same time, Thomas Book, Member of the Executive Board Trading & Clearing of Deutsche Börse AG, resigned from the management boards of both exchanges.

In addition, Jörg Hessenmüller resigned from his mandates as member of the Exchange Councils of FWB and Eurex Deutschland. Bettina Orlopp, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank AG was elected by both Exchange Councils as his successor.

The two Exchange Councils each consist of 18 members who are elected for a term of three years. They are an important control and supervisory body of the respective stock exchange. Essential tasks include the appointment and supervision of the management of the exchange as well as the issuance of the exchange rules, the fee regulations, and the conditions for trading on the exchange.

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