Hidden SPECTRE.AI Scam !

If it wasn’t for Huiyou’s exposure, few people would know about this platform.

After querying, it was found that SPECTRE.AI is an old black platform, and the domain name https://www.spectre.ai of the platform was established on December 16, 2017.

The SPECTRE.AI platform provides financial derivatives services, but does not provide any regulatory information. Generally, regulated platforms will announce the regulation in a prominent position on the official website for users to verify.

When the platform webpage is Chinese language option, it will display the forecast and volatility betting of the platform at the bottom of the webpage. It is provided by SPECTER GLOBAL LIMITED, a company registered in Vanuatu, company number: 40444;

For other language options, the display at the bottom of the web page is provided by Specter Trading Limited registered in St. Vincent, registration number: 25113 IBC 2018, but please note that St. Vincent does not regulate financial derivatives!

We entered the company registration number in the Vanuatu registration link: 40444, and found that the corresponding platform is: SPECTRE GLOBAL LTD, and the company status is: delisted, and registration does not mean supervision. In other words, the SPECTRE.AI platform is a black platform without any supervision!

Before trading and investing, you must review the compliance of the platform in multiple ways. If you accidentally fall into a black platform, you must stop the loss in time!

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