IC Markets sponsors OG Esports

Leading Australia based Retail FX and CFDs broker IC Markets has announced a new partnership with leading esports brand OG Esports.

The company said that it is happy to join institutions that share the same core values of innovation, technology and success, which is why it leapt at the opportunity to partner up with an esports leader. The globally competitive OG ESports are the first ever team to win the Dota 2 Valve major and are currently the only team to ever be crowned World Dota 2 Champions twice.

While sports sponsorship deals for brokers in the Retail FX space have been on the rise recently, a theme we have frequently covered at FNG, an increasing number of those deals have been outside the “core” area of top league football. Esports is an area likely to see an increase in interest – its followers and fans are generally younger and very tech/online savvy, with popular teams like OG sporting a large social following – OG has 698,000 Twitter followers, nearly 600,000 Facebook followers, and 364,000 Instagram followers.

IC Markets said that it looks forward to working together with OG to offer traders a new and advanced investing experience with professional tools, an ever-increasing variety of products to trade, as well as educational channels to improve their trading strategy. It added that this is a remarkable opportunity for us to grow and strengthen our community of gamers and traders.

This partnership is the first of its kind for IC Markets, and the first partner in this category for any esport organisation. IC Markets added that it is honoured to be entering this new chapter with esports, especially with OG, the accomplished Dota 2 representatives.

Andrea Faleburle, IC Markets CMO said:

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with OG Esports and take this journey together with such a bold and dynamic team. Our traders are experts in their field, and they understand that practice, hard work, discipline, and passion are fundamental to succeed; those same values are the representation of success in professional gaming. OG Esport embodies these principles, and this reflects in the loyalty shown by their fanbase globally.”

JMR Luna, OG Esports CEO added:

“We want to thank IC Markets for putting their trust on us, and for wanting to get on this journey together. I believe this is a testament to the work that we are doing at OG Esports, and we are very proud we have the chance to bring another non endemic brand into Esports.”

The IC Markets team said it will continue to deliver an exceptional trading experience for its clients, to ensure that it is continuously satisfying individual interests in line with the latest form of innovation.

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