Interactive Brokers announces new TWS API release

Online trading major Interactive Brokers has just released a new version of its TWS API. Version 10.10 of the solution comes with WSH Calendar support, market data in shares, and more attributes.

The TWS API now offers:

  • Support for Wall Street Horizon (WSH) meta and calendar events in API Clients.
  • market data in shares support for bid, ask, and last size.
  • PostToAts order attribute to support Reroute to SMART for IBKR ATS orders.
  • AutoCancelParent attribute to placeOrder/openOrder.
  • Duration order attribute support for GTD orders.

The TWS API is a simple and powerful interface to automate one’s trading strategies, request market data and monitor one’s account balance and portfolio in real time. Via this solution, one can build a trading application or connect one’s custom application to TWS in order to take advantage of Interactive Brokers’ advanced trading tools.

In the preceding release of the API, clients interacting with TWS Build 983+, with the flag/checkbox “Use Account Groups with Allocation Methods” enabled, got to see the following changes:

  • Both replaceFA and requestFA will send and receive unified groups/profiles list if the argument is Group.
  • Both replaceFA and requestFA will receive error if the argument is profile.
  • placeOrder will support specifying profile name as the faGroup name;
  • The openOrder callback will report Profile in place of Group if order was for profile.

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