Interactive Brokers CEO Milan Galik receives $8.5M in stock awards in 2021

Electronic trading major Interactive Brokers Group, Inc (NASDAQ:IBKR) has scheduled its 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, with the invitation including some details on the compensation of Interactive Brokers’ top management.

The Compensation Committee determines compensation for all employees, including Interactive Brokers’ named executive officers. The Compensation Committee has traditionally set Thomas Peterffy’s compensation as salary only, capped at 0.2% of IBG LLC’s net income. During 2021, Mr. Peterffy was paid a salary of $500,000 by IBG LLC and no bonus, in accordance with historical practices.

During 2022, Mr. Peterffy will be paid a salary of $525,000 by IBG LLC.

The compensation of Earl H. Nemser, Vice Chairman of Interactive Brokers, has historically included lower overall compensation than the other executive officers, befitting the fact that Mr. Nemser works less than full-time with the company.

During 2021, Mr. Nemser was paid a salary of $750,000 by IBG LLC (inclusive of $270,000 of IBG LLC director fees) and a bonus of $750,000 in accordance with these practices. Mr. Nemser also received an award under the Stock Incentive Plan valued at $1,025,000 for the year ended December 31, 2021. During 2022, Mr. Nemser will be paid a salary of $680,000 by IBG LLC (inclusive of $180,000 of IBG LLC director fees).

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