Interactive Brokers enables interaction with advanced reject messages in API

Electronic trading major Interactive Brokers continues to enhance its API, with the latest enhancements concerning advanced reject messages.

Effective with API version 10.14 and higher, users of the API can now interact with advanced reject messages in the API.

Interactive Brokers regularly updates its solutions, including its set of APIs. In version 10.10 of the API, the company added WSH Calendar support and market data in shares. The improvements in that API release include:

  • Support WSH meta and calendar events in API Clients.
  • Added market data in shares support for bid, ask, and last size.
  • Added PostToAts order attribute to support Reroute to SMART for IBKR ATS orders.
  • Added AutoCancelParent attribute to placeOrder/openOrder.
  • Duration order attribute support for GTD orders.
  • Desupport of ETradeOnly, FirmQuoteOnly and NbboPriceCap order attributes.

The Trader Workstation (TWS) API is a simple yet powerful interface to automate your trading strategies, request market data and monitor your account balance and portfolio in real time. The solution enables its users to build their own trading application or connect their custom application to TWS so that they can take advantage of IBKR advanced trading tools.

Key Features:

  • IBKR’s proprietary, open-source API
  • Place orders, view trades and positions, access market data, news and account data
  • Connect through Interactive Brokers’ proprietary Trader Workstation or IB Gateway platform
  • Develop applications in C++, C#, Java, Python, ActiveX, RTD or DDE
  • Available via leased line, cross-connect or internet.
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