KX adds Google BigQuery integration to KX Insights

KX today announced that it has added Google BigQuery integration to KX Insights, its cloud-first real-time streaming analytics platform. Customers can now gain powerful real-time insights from streaming data through KX, enriched with context from historical data sitting in Google Cloud’s highly scalable multi-cloud data warehouse.

KX Insights is natively available on Google Cloud Marketplace as a certified solution. KX Insights takes full advantage of the Google Cloud platform to deliver quality performance while maintaining interoperability with existing processes and data.

“KX Insights has been built for performance, efficiency and ease of use,” says Paul Hollway, Head of Partnerships at KX. “With BigQuery integration, we’re giving customers even more choice in how they bring together real-time insights with historic data for smarter, faster business decision making.”

“Organizations today are increasingly looking for solutions that help them access and act on their data in real-time,” said Chris Arisian Director of Industry ISVs, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have KX Insights now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace so we can continue providing our customers with the tools necessary for scale and success.”

KX Insights delivers ultra-high performance real-time analytics with unlimited scalability and zero maintenance. Using complex event processing, high-speed analytics and machine learning interfaces, it enables fast decision-making and automated responses to events in fractions of a second.

At the core of KX Insights is kdb+, a powerful time-series database that combines an in-memory compute engine, a real-time streaming processor and in-built time-series analytics for fast accurate querying across high-volume high-velocity data.

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