Lee Olesky to retire as Tradeweb CEO at end-2022

The Board of Directors of Tradeweb Markets Inc. (NASDAQ:TW) today announced a number of changes to the Board and succession plans for its executive leadership.

Tradeweb co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Lee Olesky has been elected Chairman of the Board effective February 11, 2022, and will retire as CEO effective December 31, 2022. The Board elected Tradeweb President William Hult to be the company’s next CEO, effective January 1, 2023.

Martin Brand has stepped down as Chairman and is leaving the Board after a successful three years in the role. The Board will fill his vacancy in the coming months. Mr. Olesky will serve as both Chairman and CEO of Tradeweb through 2022, after which he will continue to serve as Chairman through 2023. Director Paula Madoff has been elected as the Board’s Lead Independent Director, effective February 11, 2022.

Mr. Olesky co-founded Tradeweb 25 years ago and has been CEO since 2008. Under his leadership, Tradeweb has experienced significant growth via strategic acquisitions; expansion of asset classes, client sectors, trading protocols and market data; and the development of the firm’s Europe and Asia businesses.

Mr. Hult joined Tradeweb in 2000 and has spearheaded the development of several of Tradeweb’s most successful marketplaces, including mortgages and wholesale electronic trading. A leading voice in electronic trading, he has been President of Tradeweb Markets since 2008.

“Since we started Tradeweb in 1996, I am enormously proud of how the company has continued to evolve on a near-constant basis,” Mr. Olesky said. “From a fintech start-up to a $20 billion company, what I am most proud of is the team of people I have been so fortunate to associate with over the last two decades. It is their professionalism, hard work and exceptional talent that have provided the engine of growth and created a culture of excellence at Tradeweb. I want to thank Martin Brand for his successful leadership of the Board, and I am thrilled to be passing the executive baton to my longtime partner Billy Hult at the end of this year. Tradeweb has always stood apart for having a uniquely strong culture, and nobody embodies that better than Billy does.”

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