MetaTrader 5 platform beta build 3245 comes with new matrix and vector functions

The beta version of the updated MetaTrader 5 platform will be released on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

In the new version, the MetaQuotes team have added a set of commands for bulk position closing and pending order cancellation operations. Now, the relevant actions can be executed with a couple of mouse clicks. The developers have also expanded the capabilities of the MQL5 language. The update provides new matrix and vector functions, as well as built-in array and string methods.

Furthermore, the platform has improved built-in chats. Now, chats support citing and combined messages containing text, images and attachments.

In addition, the developers have implemented multiple fixes and improvements in MQL5 service purchasing processes and have optimized the terminal graphics system.

MetaQuotes invites all traders to join testing in order to evaluate the updated platform features and to help developers fix errors. To update the MetaTrader 5 platform to build 3245, navigate to Help \ Check Desktop Updates \ Latest Beta Version:

The final build of the new MetaTrader 5 platform will be released after the public beta test.

The update will feature a number of changes.

In the terminal, there are commands for bulk closing of positions and cancellation of pending orders. New “Bulk Operations” command has been added to the context menu of the Trade tab. The list of available commands is formed automatically, depending on the selected operation and on your account type.

The following commands are always available in the menu:

  • Closing all positions On hedging accounts, the system tries to close positions by opposite ones (Close By), and then it closes the remaining positions following a regular procedure.
  • Close all profitable or all losing positions
  • Delete all pending orders
  • Delete pending orders of certain types: Limit, Stop, Stop Limit

If you select a position, additional commands appear in the menu:

  • Close all positions for the symbol
  • Close all positions in the same direction (on hedging accounts)
  • Close opposite positions for the same symbol (on hedging accounts)
  • Position reversal (on netting accounts)

If you select a pending order, additional commands appear in the menu:

  • Delete all pending orders for the same symbol
  • Delete all pending orders of the same type for the same symbol
  • These commands are only available if One Click Trading is enabled in platform settings: Tools \ Options \ Trade.

The internal chart features in the terminal have been enhanced:

  • Added ability to reply to messages. The source message text will be cited in the reply.
  • Added ability to create messages with different content types, such as images with text and text with attachments, among others.
  • Fixed display of the separator between read and unread messages.
  • Error fixes and stability improvements.

MQL5: Added new functions for working with matrices and vectors:

  • Median — returns the median of the matrix or vector elements
  • Quantile — returns the q-th quantile of matrix/vector elements or elements along the specified axis
  • Percentile — returns the q-th percentile of matrix/vector elements or elements along the specified axis
  • Std — computes the standard deviation of matrix or vector elements
  • Var — computes the variance of matrix or vector elements
  • CorrCoef — computes the matrix/vector correlation coefficient
  • Correlate — computes the cross-correlation of two vectors
  • Convolve — returns the discrete, linear convolution of two vectors
  • Cov — computes the covariance matrix

MetaQuotes have started adding built-in methods for numeric arrays in MQL5. The new methods enhance usability, increase code compactness, and improve code compatibility with other languages.

MQL5: The developers have started adding built-in methods for strings.

The following methods are currently available:

  • BufferSize — returns buffer size allocated for the string.
  • Compare — compares two strings and returns the comparison result as an integer.
  • Length — returns the number of characters in a string.
  • Find — searches for a substring in a string.
  • Upper — capitalizes a string.
  • Lower — converts a string to lowercase.
  • Replace — replaces a substring.
  • Reserve — reserves a buffer for a string.

All methods are analogous to string functions.

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