Monex confirms TradeStation prepares to raise capital in the US

Online trading company Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698), with presence in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States, today posted its financial report for the quarter to end-September 2021. The document includes important information on the business strategy of the Group.

Monex explains that its US business – TradeStation, has expanded its customer base through a successful transformation of its business strategy over the past several years, including re-branding, commission strategy and expansion of its product initiatives. TradeStation takes a strategy to further expand its customer base in the current situation where the base of US investor population is expanding again.

TradeStation is preparing to raise capital and funds in the US to promote its growth strategy. It increased headcount and expanded customer base through enhanced marketing initiatives.

TradeStation’s trading and learning platform appears to support increased interest in self-directed investment among Millennials and Gen-Z. In the quarter to end-September 2021, the number of active accounts reached 160,000 (+30% YoY), whereas total client assets amounted to $11.3 billion (+44% YoY).

According to Monex, TradeStation aims to increase revenue from equities and options by acquiring new accounts.

TradeStation Crypto (TCI) is performing robustly, with TCI promotional marketing attracting new accounts and crypto brokerage commissions. Account growth has been strong since inception. The number of active TCI accounts is over 9,000 as of September 30, 2021.

TradeStation will make investments in brand awareness and performance marketing channels that should drive efficient account acquisition engine.

The Product Initiatives include:

  • Enhancing user experience;
  • Advancing Crypto offering;
  • Expanding API as B2B and B2C opportunity.

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