Monex’s “ON COMPASS+” service marks increase in assets under management

Monex Asset Management, Inc, a subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698), today announced that the assets under management of its discretionary investment management service “ON COMPASS+” exceeded 10 billion yen on July 26, 2021.

ON COMMPASS+, launched in January 2019, offers a hybrid asset management service, combining robo-advisory and human support. To support customers in their asset building, the fee is set at an annual rate of 1.6575% of the assets under management of each customer.

To further support customers in their asset building, Monex Asset Management is committed to improving and expanding services while seeking to increase collaboration among financial institutions across the country who are willing to offer discretionary asset management services.

ON COMPASS+ offers personalized asset management. The service proposes the asset management plan that best fit individual customers in line with their purpose and preferences on how they manage their assets. Because of the flexibility, for example, a plan can be based on regular fund accumulation or allow customers to withdraw funds while managing funds, the service caters to any customer demographic, whether it be the generation focused on building assets or the retiree generation.

Once the customer’s plans are established, Monex Asset Management takes care of the actual management of the funds. There is no need for customers to be involved in trades or daily maintenance. Customers’ funds are invested in domestic and foreign exchange traded funds (ETFs) through the designated mutual funds. This allows diversified investments in 120 countries around the world and in approximately 62,000 stocks, mitigating risks while stabilizing performance.

When it comes to consultation and follow-ups for asset management planning, professionals are there to help customers with their concerns and issues, meeting to consult with them in person over the designated online services offered by Monex Asset Management.

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