Nasdaq introduces Retail Trading Activity Tracker

Nasdaq Inc (NASDAQ:NDAQ) today announced the launch of the Retail Trading Activity Tracker, a new dataset that provides reliable information into the trading activity of self-directed retail investors in the U.S. equity market.

The Retail Trading Activity Tracker tracks stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) traded by individuals as well as buy/sell ratios per ticker on a daily basis.

The Retail Trading Activity Tracker brings enhanced transparency into the trading activity of retail investors and makes it available to all market participants. The dataset is developed from publicly available data, the Securities Information Processor (SIP), backed by Nasdaq’s deep markets expertise and delivered through Nasdaq Data Link’s infrastructure, providing all investors insights into individual, self-directed trading activity in the U.S. public equity markets.

“The increased participation of individual investors is rapidly changing market dynamics, and the Retail Trading Activity Tracker is the first of its kind to offer general accessibility to consistent and standardized information on retail trading activity,” said Oliver Albers, Senior Vice President and Head of Data, Investment Intelligence, Nasdaq.

The Retail Trading Activity Tracker is to be released on Nasdaq Data Link with data history from 2016 to the present day. A free list of the top ten traded securities will be updated daily with trading data from the previous day.

Launched in September 2021, Nasdaq Data Link is a cloud-based technology platform that connects the global financial community with unified access to over 250 datasets and analytics. The platform simplifies data discovery, integration and provides secured, end-to-end data hosting through managed infrastructure and services.

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