acquires data visualization platform HyperCharts

Social trading focused broker has announced that it is acquiring HyperCharts, a data visualization platform that provides fundamental financial and business metrics for publicly-traded companies.

HyperCharts, founded by Galileo Russell and Moe Salih in 2019, provides data summaries and visualizations for hundreds of the most popular publicly-traded companies. Its platform contains robust financial metrics like revenue growth, net income, and operating expenses, as well as other applicable signals relevant to investors, like subscriber growth and streaming memberships. said that HyperCharts’ clear and simple data visualizations will soon provide yet another layer of education in a format that resonates with modern retail investors.

“One chart is worth 1,000 numbers. We built HyperCharts to make financial analysis easy, fun, and approachable for the masses by turning complex SEC filings into simple, interactive charts,” said Russell, who is also a popular YouTube creator and was an early advisor to Public. “I’m so excited to partner with Public to expand the capabilities of our financial visualization software. HyperCharts’ mission to democratize financial markets and education for all could not be more aligned with what Public is doing.”

Modern retail investors say that their primary source for information about their investments and the markets overall is their investing app — before traditional business news outlets and popular social media platforms. With its acquisition of HyperCharts, said that it looks forward to offering even more ways to learn and grow as an investor in the same place you invest.

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