partners with supermodel Iskra Lawrence to target women investors

Social trading focused brokerage startup has revealed its second partnership agreement with a noted female brand ambassador in the past month, announcing the launch of InPower – a new interactive, educational program from and supermodel Iskra Lawrence. The new initiative, following on last month’s partnership with WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins-Smith, aims to increase financial literacy for all women, provide the tools and knowledge they need to be successful, and convert the mindset that finance is out of their league.

Starting in January, each week InPower participants will have exclusive access to brand-new educational videos from Lawrence, spanning topics like Investing and Banking 101, the importance of diversification, investing as financial wellness, and how investing can impact your future. Expert guests will join Lawrence for special episodes. The videos will also feature Lawrence’s personal stories around her own investing journey, making the experiences relatable and easily digestible for new investors who might be intimidated by the market.

A longtime member of Public, Lawrence (@iskra) is known to the community as an investor who’s not afraid to ask questions, often polling other members for their thoughts on everything from investing strategies to how they spend their free time. Like Public’s 90% first-time investors, Lawrence started her investing journey on Public and built her confidence alongside the community. As an Aerie supermodel and advocate for body acceptance, Lawrence will bring her experience creating safe spaces for women in the worlds of fashion and wellness to investing.

InPower will provide a space for women to feel comfortable asking questions (there are no bad questions!) about money, the public markets, and building long-term wealth. Within Public’s collaborative 1M+ member community, made up of 40% women and 45% BIPOC, InPower will create an even more intimate community for members to interact with Lawrence firsthand, as well as discuss their learnings and ideas via private chat groups.

“I’ve made mistakes with money and felt like I didn’t have a safe space to ask for advice, and I want to change that,” said Lawrence. “To add to that, women statistically invest less than men. It’s hard enough navigating life let alone finances, so it’s time we build a community for women to share and grow together. The more I asked for help and educated myself to become financially empowered, I was able to make decisions today that will positively impact my future and my family’s wealth. Everyone deserves that, so I’m very proud to work with and launch InPower as a movement to support women as they reclaim their financial narratives.”

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