Robinhood seeks to dismiss Ice Cube’s amended complaint

About a fortnight after O’Shea Jackson, known as Ice Cube, filed an amended complaint against Robinhood, the online trading app has responded to the allegations, asking that the Court dismisses the complaint.

According to documents filed by Robinhood on July 20, 2021 at the California Northern District Court, Robinhood Markets, Inc. and Robinhood Financial LLC will move the Court to dismiss with prejudice Plaintiff O’Shea Jackson’s First Amended Complaint in its entirety.

Let’s recall that the lawsuit stems from events from March 2021, when, according to Ice Cube, Robinhood “shamelessly misappropriated Ice Cube’s image and likeness to promote Robinhood’s horrible products and services – the last things in the world to which Ice Cube would ever attach his image and likeness”.

The problematic pic at the heart of the lawsuit.

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