Saxo Bank updates its Crypto & Blockchain basket

Multi-asset investment company Saxo Bank has updated its Crypto & Blockchain basket.

Three companies have been added to the Crypto & Blockchain equity theme basket extending the basket to 26 companies covering the industry across many different activities. Saxo has added Bakkt Holdings, Stronghold Digital Mining, and CoinShares International, which together with the other companies in the basket now represent $143bn in market value.

The Crypto & Blockchain basket has been one of Saxo’s smallest equity baskets but as companies within the industry have IPO’ed, Saxo has added those in bulk with the last update back in May. The basket now covers entities across different segments of the industry such as exchange services, asset management, banking, mining, and blockchain software.

Driven by strong price gains in crypto currencies this year the basket is up 116.9% year-to-date delivering the best performance of all of Saxo’s equity theme baskets.

Let’s recall that Saxo launched a theme basket focusing on crypto and blockchain companies in April 2021. This basket provides inspiration and alternatives for investors that want exposure to cryptocurrencies but do not want to own ETNs or physical cryptocurrencies.

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