Schroders announces senior appointments to Sustainable Investment Team

Schroders today announced the evolution of its global sustainable investment team with several senior appointments and promotions.

Margot Von Aesch has been appointed Head of Sustainable Investment Management, a newly-created role, with her remit encompassing detailed research, the development of sustainable investment models and ensuring the continued integration of this analysis into Schroders’ investment decision-making. Margot Von Aesch joins from Redburn where she was a partner, having played a leading role in developing the firm’s ESG business and related client base.

Angus Bauer joins from Redburn where he was a partner and former co-head of the Redburn ESG franchise. Angus Bauer has been appointed to the role of Sustainability Analyst, to strengthen Schroders’ sustainable investment research team.

Schroders has also appointed Kimberley Lewis, Head of Active Ownership, to lead its Active Ownership work. She worked most recently at Federated Hermes International, where as a Director of Engagement Kim helped drive the firm’s engagement proposition. Reporting to Kimberly Lewis is Katie Frame. Katie recently joined Schroders as Active Ownership Manager from Federated Hermes International where she was an Engagement Manager.

Margot and Kimberley will report to Andy Howard, Global Head of Sustainable Investment at Schroders.

Andy will also be joining Schroders Group Management Committee, further evidencing the firm’s decision to embed sustainability at its core. Since joining the firm, Andy has driven Schroders’ sustainability research and been the inventor and inspiration behind proprietary tools such as SustainEx.

Andy Howard, Global Head of Sustainable Investment, commented:

“These additions will further strengthen Schroders ability to deliver market-leading sustainability data, support its focus on stewardship and engagement and expand the products and services it offers to its clients globally.

Already this year Schroders has expanded its Sustainable Investment Team globally with the appointments of a number of sustainability analysts, newly-created positions with Lazaro Tiant in New York and Mervyn Tang in Singapore covering North America and Asia respectively.

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