SIX integrates Japanese list into its Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service

SIX is integrating the sanctions list issued by the Japanese Ministry of Finance into its Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service. Japan is the 11th regime that the service covers and clients are able to subscribe to it as of July 6th 2021.

The Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service (SSMS) from SIX is a flat file service that delivers exchange-listed financial instruments that are related to sanctioned individuals, entities or territories. Since all regulators covered are available in an easy to integrate set of files, existing customers can simply sign up for the new regime without having to undergo file structure changes.

In addition to financial instruments that are issued by sanctioned issuers, SSMS also provides information on their issuers, structured products that have a sanctioned instrument as underlying or options on sanctioned instruments.

Japan has over 20 sanctions programs active against multiple targets that are consistently monitored. Adding Japan to the service is a response to increasing regulatory requirements, since many clients around the globe want to be compliant with all major economies.

SIX is confident that through this extension, the completeness of the service will bring even more value to its existing customer base.

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