Spotware Community Team expands its Open API examples collection

The Spotware Community Team announces that it has added a new example in its Open API examples collection.

The new example is based on cTrader Open API, ASP.Net Core and SignalR, and it demonstrates how to build a full blown web application on top of Open API. It includes examples of authenticating using OAuth, subscribing to and managing live price streams, displaying price charts and managing orders and positions.

Traders can use it as the base of their next web trading application.

You can download the new Open API examples here.

In April this year, Spotware announced the release of a brand new collection of Open API examples.

The Open API examples consist of an Open API Library, a console application, a WinForms application and a WPF application. The Open API Library is a collection of necessary yet sophisticated code that allows you to easily integrate Open API with your .Net application and implement the basic functionality of a trading application.

Let’s note that the Open API 2.0 is the new version of the publicly available protobuf-based API developed by Spotware. It allows third-party service providers to integrate additional tools and applications for trading and analysis with the data and functionality from Spotware platform by getting all the required cTID data, market data and performing all possible trading operations on behalf of other cTrader users.

Unlike the Open API version 1.0, which was using a different protocol for each scope (REST and Protocol Buffers), the Open API 2.0 is designed to use solely protocol buffers. Now by using Protocol Buffers you can retrieve accounts information, market data, and trading data.

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