Swissquote adds Gender Equality to Themes Trading lineup

Leading Swiss online trading firm Swissquote has further expanded its Themes Trading offering via the addition of Gender Equality certificate.

Gender equality has been the focus of several studies and research reports in recent years, and the general consensus is that achieving parity will have countless benefits. In addition to laying the foundations for a more peaceful society, gender equality will see development accelerate and the global economy strengthened.

Swissquote’s Gender Equality Certificate actively seeks out companies that are:

  • leading the way in terms of gender equality,
  • closing the gender pay gap,
  • ensuring a gender balance from the board to the workforce, and
  • following policies related to gender diversity and equal opportunity.

On the flip side, companies with any controversies linked to workforce and opportunity (e.g. wages, promotion, discrimination and harassment) are excluded.

Themes Trading is Swissquote’s collection of thematic portfolios, which allow traders not to buy individual stocks but assortments of stocks. Investors opting for this thematic investment are looking at what lies ahead and can therefore position their portfolio for faster growth and higher returns.

Swissquote introduced Themes Trading in September 2015. Back then, the service offered an initial set of 30 diverse themes, including global electric, cyber security, Greek recovery and fitness trends. The service offers investors to find opportunities in thematic investing, coupled with the highest possible transparency.

Swissquote has been regularly expanding its themes trading lineup. In November 2021, for instance, further expanded its Themes Trading offering via the addition of Metaverse Certificate.

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