Swissquote introduces new Investment Inspiration widget

Leading Swiss online trading firm Swissquote is offering its clients to make the most of the vast financial universe via a new “Investment Inspiration” widget. The solution offers traders a daily and personalised selection of stocks, based on their trading activity.

«Investment Inspiration» is available on Swissquote’s eTrading platform.

Swissquote’s trading platform offers thousands of financial products. Faced with such a broad range, a retail investor looking for new investment ideas can be overwhelmed by choice.

“We have developed a recommendation system which actively selects stocks in order to help you maximise the potential of this vast investment universe. This smart widget generates a personalised selection of stocks for you every day”, Swissquote says.

The widget’s operations can be described via three steps:

  • STEP 1

Identifying similarities between investors

Each day, the system identifies clients that have made similar choices to yours and retrieves all the products purchased by those clients. This filter expands your range of investment options in a relevant way.

  • STEP 2

Identifying your trading patterns

If your trading history is sufficiently extensive, the system identifies trading patterns – namely the characteristics of securities you are likely to buy (high dividends, high volatility, etc.).

  • STEP 3

Cross-checking your trading patterns with the pre-selected stocks

From the stocks pre-selected in step one, the system then displays those that best match your trading patterns on the current date. «Highlights» will appear to help you make appropriate choices.

If your trading patterns are not yet clearly determined, the system will suggest three stocks from the list generated in step one. This selection is personalised, but may not explicitly reflect your preferences.

If you have not yet really started trading, or if you have a passive approach towards the stocks segment, the system will suggest three of the most popular stocks at the time.

Swissquote notes that the widget is not maximizing clients’ performance and does not suggest stocks based on predictions of the future evolution of prices. The solution does not use signals from sentiment analysis of financial news.

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