Swissquote’s Yuh app expands cryptocurrency lineup

The Yuh app, launched by Swissquote and PostFinance in May 2021, has further expanded its cryptocurrency lineup by adding Polkadot.

The addition is made in response to requests of the app’s users.

Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain protocol that enables different blockchains to connect and communicate with each other. The protocol was launched with the idea of creating a better internet, where control is returned to the individuals and not to large corporations. It was designed by Ethereum’s co-founder, Gavin Wood.

Polkadot is managed by Web3, a Swiss foundation that aims to create and nurture technologies and applications for decentralised web software protocols.

Last week, Yuh added Cardano to its cryptocurrency offering. Users of the Yuh app can now trade 15 of the hottest cryptos, around the clock. The list of crypto-assets to trade includes the most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The app offers its users to buy, sell or hang on to the most sought-after cryptos. It offers easy-access: traders can buy crypto fractions for as little as 25 USD.

“At Yuh, we believe that it’s your life, your desires, your daring that should shape the way you manage your money. We offer you the opportunity to pay, save and invest with just one app. As easy as pie, but with the secure backing of Switzerland’s leading online banks”, according to Yuh developers.

In terms of payment, Yuh aims to help its users get their finances under control. A free Yuh Mastercard, real-time tracking, multi-currency accounts: everything is done to simplify and shed light on users’ finances.

Users of the app can invest in a variety of investment products, including shares and cryptos.

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